Blockchain that protects your legal rights

Web3’s Portal to Official Courts

Pursue Legal Recourse for Hacks and Frauds
Mint Court-Connecting Coins and NFTs
Build Compliance for Web3 and DAOs
Judicial Options for Regulators and Officials
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Enabling Legal Rights

Opening Mass Adoption

Blockchain interoperability with state and federal courts

Smart contract legal remedies

Enforcement tools for regulators

Blockchain's Solution for Legal Enforcement

Fully Decentralized

SBTE enables legal compliance on the blockchain without giving keys to government officials and without introducing intermediaries into the execution process - not even lawyers or law enforcement officials.

True to Protocol

By interfacing with courts at the node level, SBTE preserves the rules and protocols of each blockchain. The network nodes continue to perform their same rigorous consensus process, while users keep their anonymity and private keys.


We retain blockchain security through consensus at the system level and can correct hacks at the individual user level. Each time SBTE helps a user recover stolen assets, the criminals' incentive to strike again is lessened.

What People Are Saying About Us

One of the most innovative and visionary
proposals… The revolutionary implications of having changing legal criteria acknowledged and acted upon through smart contracts is groundbreaking.

Once the mass population believes that their rights could be protected and enforced on the blockchain, the mainstream adoption of blockchain would be underway.

[SBTE] will provide a very strong competition to the ‘code is law’ philosophy when deciding whether to side with a court order or with a smart contract’s
‘blind justice’ by just doing what it was programmed to do.

Government Blockchain Association recognition through its 2024 Innovation Award to Founder, Mike Kanovitz.

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